Rainbow Dragons Bring Home Some Bling

An ecstatic 26 Rainbows have returned from Tasmania after competing in the Australian Masters Games at Lake Barrington.

Rainbows entered 8 teams in 7 divisions and won medals in 6 categories:

Gold for Womens B , Womens C and Mixed A
Silver for Cancer Survivors
Bronze for B opens and Mixed C

Rainbow Dragson was one of the few teams that paddled as a club. Many larger teams were made up of composite paddlers from across Australia. Tasmania turned on mild weather and the games themselves were extremely well run.

According to organisers, ‘Small groups travelled around this beautiful island before the racing began. Some went swimming, some went climbing and bush walking. Others found flowers, ventured into caves, saw some very unusual art work and went on exhilarating boat rides. Most of us ate cheese, oysters, mussels and scallops and sampled the local wine’

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