GeoLINK Ecologist Wins Photo Comp

GeoLINK Ecologist, Grant McLean has won the quarterly Ecological Consultants Association (ECA) photographic competition with his photo of a juvenile Giant Barred Frog. The photo will appear on the front cover of the ECA of NSW Inc. Newsletter Volume 39.

The Giant Barred Frog (Mixophyes iteratus) is listed as ‘endangered’ under the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Giant Barred Frogs are very large (up to 115 mm long) and breed from late spring to summer. Once eggs are laid and fertilised in the water, the female kicks them out of the water where they stick onto a suitable bank (e.g. overhanging or steeply sloped). Hatchlings then drop or wriggle into the water.

You can find more information about this fascinating frog here.

Grant can be found with other GeoLINK ecologists at night surveying along freshwater streams, mimicking the call of the Giant Barred Frog which is a deep guttural ‘ork’!

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