Supermarket DA For Epiq

A Development Application has been lodged for Council’s assessment and consideration, for the erection of a Neighbourhood Shopping Centre, involving a Supermarket (Woolworths) and speciality shops, associated car parking and other infrastructure servicing, earthworks, signage and landscaping within the EPIQ Estate at Lennox Head.

People are able to make submissions and enquiries to the council that can be taken into account when dealing with the application. Due to the nature of the development the proposal will be determined by the Joint Regional Planning Panel.

Click on this link to view through all of the submitted lodgement document info.

After reading lodgement documents on the link above, the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce encourages business owners to take the time to put forward their view by emailing us with your feedback, by 8 October 2017, and also, most importantly,  by submission (letter, email) to Ballina Shire Council by 10 October 2017

Clearly state the reasons why you object to, or support the development proposal. Feedback from businesses will be collated, summarised and submitted to Council from the Chamber. Submissions to Ballina Shire Council will be passed on to the Panel.

Guidelines on how to make a submission to Council

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