Lennox Head Residents’ Association, Oct 17

At our 4 September meeting we welcomed visitors, new members, and Councillors Cadwallader and Johnson.

Eastern Precinct of Lake Ainsworth. Cr Johnson spoke about the defeated motion to Ballina Shire Council (Council) to stop works pending Coastal Management planning. A DA enabling community input should be available in the next few months. No works or closures will commence until after the school holidays.

Skate Board ramp on residential premises. Cr Cadwallader advised this DA was refused by Council who will develop a policy for future applications, partly because of noise impacts. Cr Johnson indicated it was a large structure beyond the building line with many objections.

Community Street Planting is supported by Council who require to approve trees which may impact on sewerage, parking, power lines and attract termites. Procedures require a sketch and short request.

Friends of Lake Ainsworth (FOLA) are attempting to maintain plants in the Lake carpark while negotiating with Council for a permanent water supply.

Smart water metering. Cr Cadwallader advised this will be available for $150 to assist monitoring private water use and unnoticed leaks.

Sandmining: Newrybar Swamp Road. DA (Section 96 (2) 1995/259) has been submitted by the existing company for a 12 month contract extension. The Association agreed to correspond with Council outlining concerns about an extension without guarantee of rehabilitation.

Ocean Breeze Reserve plan. The Association supports option 2 which includes a Community Gardens. Residents are encouraged to complete the survey which closes on 22 October 2017 at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RGQ2HV2.

Surfing Lennox project involves surfers and Lennox Head Heritage Committee tracing local surfing history from the 1950s. Application has been made for a Southern Cross Credit Union Community Grant. Residents are asked to vote by 27 October 2017 at https://www.sccu.com.au/community-grants-voting, selecting Lennox Head Heritage Committee. Most votes wins!

Join us, share your views and hear our news on Mondays 2 October, 6 November and 4 December 2017 from 7pm in the CWA Hall.

Feedback is encouraged by email to lhrainc@gmail.com or facebook at Lennox Head Residents’ Association.

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