Landmarks Of Lennox – The Post Office

Rebuilt on its current site after a fire in 1998, the unimposing exterior of the Lennox Head Post Office belies its long and varied history.

Since around 1880 when James Ross operated a Receiving Office from his Upper North Creek home, there have been Receiving, Money Order and Telephone Offices, unofficial and official Post Offices, Postal Agencies, Post Office Agents, Postmasters, Postmistresses, Mail Contractors and a Free Bag Holder on sites at North Creek, Upper North Creek and Lennox Head. First Postmaster in July 1880, Arthur O’Connor operated from a room ‘attached to the Endeavour Sugar Mill’ near today’s Hutley Drive, boosting his £11 annual income with the mail contract to and from Ballina.

By 1908, the verandah of the school master’s residence and Post Office on North Creek Road near Henderson Lane accommodated a public telephone.

In 1923 daily mail to and from Ballina began, the Post Office operating from North Creek Road until 1963. Simultaneously, from1923 Hutleys commenced a Receiving Office from their Rayner Lane then Ballina Street shops. In 1927, Charlie Roots established a Telephone Office in his General Store (today’s Lennox Arts Collective) becoming an official Post Office in 1935. Postmistress Delia Gibbon created a separate business in 1969, her brothers constructing a building at its current site in 1971.

Arson in August 1998 destroyed the Post Office but, with the community can-do attitude, temporary facilities were provided and today’s building opened within 12 months.

The Post Office building, house and property remained in the Gibbon family until sold in November 2016.

Read about our Post Offices, interwoven with the growth of Lennox Head, in Dorothy Thompson’s Silent Echoes, The Story of Upper North Creek and Lennox Head Post Offices 1880-2000 (Southern Cross University, Lismore, 2009), available at Lennox Bookmark for $20.

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