It Can Wait, It Really Can


Our addiction to our phones is putting us all in grave danger. Anyone who uses a mobile phone and drives a car knows how ridiculous it is that these two activities should be done at the same time. Yet, while ninety five percent of drivers disapprove of distracted driving, 71% admit to using their smart phones while driving.

And while speeding is still the number one cause of accidents and injuries on the road, the use of phones while driving has overtaken people not wearing seatbelts as one of the major causes of fatal car accidents.

Since November 1, 2012, it has been illegal for drivers to talk on their mobile phone unless it is secured in a cradle.

Texting, video messaging, online chatting, reading preview messages and emailing via the phone is illegal, even if the phone is secured or if the car is stationary but not parked.

Learner drivers, P1 licence holders and motorcycle riders are prohibited from using mobiles phones at all while in their vehicle.

It is an offence to hold the phone while driving or when stationary.

It is also illegal to rest the phone on one’s lap or hold it between one’s ear and shoulder.

Drivers in NSW can be fined over $300 for one such offence.

There are several campaigns already out there designed to discourage people from using their phones while driving.

The ‘Get your hand off it’ campaign was developed by the NSW government, while the ‘It can Wait’ campaign has been developed by ATT phone company and invites people tot ‘Take the pledge’ not to use their phones while driving.

Why not Take The Pledge to Get Your Hand Off It while you are driving?




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  1. Richard

    Morons and inconsiderate ar*eholes, all of them. Daily I see so many people using them while driving. They stop at lights and text, there are so many “workers” driving around yacking & not paying attention. It is not that you might cut someone off in traffic you can cause a vehicle accident and KILL a family. When we have a dob in a litterer, why can’t we have a dob in a phone use & send off their details and number plate to the Police. I have a P plater that will drive down a local street in Ballina and text while using his knees to drive, but I have no “proof” as it is my word against theirs 🙁


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