Women Like Us

You may have been lucky enough to bump into these two girls as they spent a day familiarising themselves with Lennox Head last month, in the lead up to their much anticipated laughathon scheduled for 30 September at the Community Centre.

But they are no strangers to these parts. Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs are experienced stand up comedians who have been making people laugh—we’re talking side-splitting, roll-in-the-aisles, hurt-my-tummy laughter—around here for a long time.

Small town showgirls, there are few sacred cows that Briggs and Nolan shy away from, with seven children and 35 years’ stage time between them, their ‘failure to parent’ is the focus of their material, along with the beauty industry, getting older, getting fatter, strange surgeries, weird TV shows, obsessions, frustrations, and at the end of the day, who unpacks the dishwasher.

Performing in the sold out Up Front showcase at Melbourne Comedy Festival at Melbourne Town Hall, these two were clearly the comedy picks of the night.

One reviewer raved ‘Two totally relatable ladies who hit the nail on the head of charismatic female comedy. Prepare yourself to be hunched over in hysterics!’

Definitely worth dropping in on these two as they strut their stuff.

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