Sand Mine Concerns On Ross Lane

Application to extend life of current Lennox sand mine on exhibition 

A ‘modification application’ has been lodged with Ballina Council to extend the life of the current sand mine on the eastern side of Newrybar Swamp Road by 1 year. (See and search DA 1995/259)

This sand mine is proposed to be combined with the land immediately to the north, to make a single ‘much larger’ quarry. The documentation states that ‘the Development Application for that proposal is well advanced but the compilation of the required Environmental Impact Statement has taken much longer to prepare than had been originally estimated’.

So, while the DA and EIS for the ‘much larger’ sand mine are put together some residents are concerned about the current ‘modification application’, particularly in relation to the rehabilitation (or lack of) of the current site and increased truck movements on Ross Lane. 

The ‘No Sand Mine for Lennox Head’ action group are encouraging submissions objecting to this application and have shared the following concerns. 

1. The existing Development Consent for DA 1995/259, requires progressive rehabilitation of the site. Recent aerial photography suggests that large areas of the site may not have been rehabilitated.

2. The extension application makes no mention of the amount of material the Sand Mine proposes to extract over the 12 month period. Extraction limits are set for many reasons, including, but not limited to, limiting the potential impact of extraction on the surrounding environment, including groundwater, as well as the traffic implications for the connecting roads, specifically the already busy Ross Lane.

3. If extraction occurs at the ‘allowable rate’ of 80,000 CBM over the 12 months, additional truck movements could be substantial, and may have a significant negative impact on Ross Lane residents, and those who use Ross Lane on a daily basis, specifically in regards to safety and congestion.

4. Condition 15 of the original Development Consent specifically prohibits any extension within 9 months of expiry of the original Development Consent (which will occur in November 2017) except for site restoration purposes.

Like to make a submission? Email your concerns to Friday 22nd September 2017. Please quote DA 1995/259 and remember to put your name on the email. 
You could also cc ‘all Ballina Councillors’ via

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