Lois Welcomes Linh

Direct from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney big smoke, Linh Le has arrived in Lennox Head and started work with Lois Buckett Real Estate as Holiday Marketing Specialist. It’s a classic sea change for Linh, who has been in love with the region for some time.

But why Lennox Head? Well, it all started in the line-up of a local fashion brand’s new release in Byron Bay, where she met a Lennox local who offered for her to stay with them during her transition. After living with this generous local resident and her family for a couple of months, Linh fell in love with the area and decided to make Lennox Head her permanent home.

Linh came to Australia from Vietnam on a boat as a refugee when she was just a little girl. It was an incredibly difficult start to a life, but if anything it has given her an undeniable positivity and determination to everything she does.

Her introduction to real estate came when her family saved enough money to buy a house, and being the only family member who spoke English proficiently, she was responsible for making appointments with real estate agents to view properties.

‘I was just amazed at the attitude of some of the agents,’ she says. ‘One guy opened up the house, lit up a cigarette and propped his foot on the tyre of his car and just left us to it. I just remember thinking, ‘Surely there’s a far better and professional way.’

But it wasn’t a straightforward path from there. In fact, like many things in Linh’s life, a series of coincidences and lucky breaks led her to a job as the PA to the Principal of the number one real estate office in Australia. From there she showed incredible aptitude and was promoted to senior sales agent within 4 months.

‘My approach has always been do your research, out-know your market, and over service your clients, on both sides of the equation.’ she says.

At Lois Buckett as the new Holiday Marketing Specialist, Linh has the task of expanding the holiday property portfolio and growing the new subsidiary business called Linen On The Run – a value-added service that provides a consistent quality linen service to Holiday Letting managements, both within the Lois Buckett business and now to the community.

Give Linh a call on 0488 888 339.

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