Fate Of Community Gardens

Lennox Community Gardens President, Jimi Gatland, is urging all those in favour of establishing a community garden in Lennox Head to make their views known by completing Ballina Shire Council’s brief online survey on the future of Ocean Breeze Reserve.

‘A decision on whether a community garden in Lennox Head becomes a reality is dependent on public feedback in response to the recently released Draft Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan,’ Mr Gatland said.

‘It is vital that all those in favour of a community garden make their feelings known through strong feedback in the survey by supporting the inclusion of a community garden.’

The draft master plan sets out three concept options for the future use of Ocean Breeze Reserve, based on the facilities that were identified as desirable during the initial community consultation process.

‘Only concept two includes a community garden and it is the only site council has identified in Lennox Head for a community garden,’ Mr Gatland said.

‘Whether you prefer concept two or another concept, please complete the survey and select your preference to include a community garden.

‘If you would like to assist further, the three other features that would be most complimentary to a community garden are public toilet, large shelter for gatherings and nature based play area.

“This may well be your last chance to have a say in whether a community garden is established in Lennox Head, so please make the most of this opportunity.

‘If we can make a community garden a reality it will bring many social, health and environmental benefits to the residents of Lennox Head for years to come.’

The Draft Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan follow-up survey of just five questions can be completed at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RGQ2HV2. Submissions close Monday 2 October.

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