Cancer Patient Home Visit Scheme

A major study conducted by the Ballina Cancer Network Committee found that cancer patients feel they lack support. Many commented on the loneliness they felt after being given a cancer diagnosis and many were unwilling to share their feelings with their friends and family as they didn’t wish to burden them.

It is widely accepted that social and emotional wellbeing is an integral part of dealing with cancer treatment and recovery. 

Not for Profit organisations FSG and Cancer Council NSW have come together in recognition of support needed locally and have partnered to fund the Cancer Patient and Carer Home Visit Scheme.

We welcome any person, family member or carer affected by a cancer diagnosis whose quality of life could be improved by the companionship of a regular community visitor.

Anyone is welcome to participate with the approval of the client by:

• self-identifying that they would benefit

• a family member

• a friend

• a doctor

• a social worker or any other health professional.

There are no costs involved in becoming a recipient. You do need to be a resident of the Ballina Shire. The scheme provides a WHS home assessment prior to visits. Confidentiality is assured.

If you feel you would benefit from this scheme or are interested in becoming a volunteer visitor contact:

FSG Ballina, Coordinator:
Godson Ogbonna
Phone: 02 66 817 601
Mobile: 0438 913 372

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