YOLO August 17

What’s your story?

If I asked you to describe yourself and your passion in life – what would it be?

Would you convey a happy-go-lucky character and a dream career? Maybe you’re an enthusiastic chef with a love for car racing? 

Or perhaps you’d mention adoring X, Y, Z, but quickly dismiss it, thinking: ‘it’s only a pipedream.’

But that’s exactly the deal isn’t it?  There is no magic encyclopaedia that provides all the answers to life. And hey, for all I know, you are living your passion, and it includes none of the above!

(For the record, there’s nothing wrong with a happy-go-lucky approach, dream careers, or car-loving chefs).

So, why are we still talking multi-million dollar bucks, bling and personal vendettas? (Case in point: Aussie tennis player, Bernard Tomic).

Most certainly, having a public profile is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, the maturity and opinion leaves a lot to be desired. But cameras off – it’s clear to me – living the dream is a matter of personal perception. 

Lessons might need learning, however, vilifying someone because of his or her opinion (which they have the freedom to express), lends itself to hypocrisy, regardless of a person’s profile or non-profile.  Seriously. As individuals, we’re not all sharing the same shoes. 

For the most part, not everyone is going to love everybody, or agree with the whole kit and caboodle of all that is said either. 

The grass may not necessarily be ‘greener’ on the other side. Walk a moment in another’s shoes and possibly then, will we come to know what their true story is, and why.

Maybe we cannot save the world by a passion or dream – but each day we can live by following our hearts, in some small way. We can offer an act of kindness to someone, give compassion, love and support – and this can only make the world a better place.

The opportunity to live freely, and to feel free is everything.

YOLO right?

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