Sanctum Opens In Lennox Head

Dee Driscoll’s vision for her new business Sanctum was inspired by her clients and a strong calling she’s had for many years. After being a stay-at-home mum and working from her garage for so long, she knew it was time to make the move to a bigger space.

‘So many of my clients yearned to lead a more conscious existence but had no idea where to go. I wanted to offer people more than merely body work or naturopathic advice, I depserately wanted people to embrace a more holistic apporach to health, by encompassing mindfulness, yoga, bodywork, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Basically, I wanted  people to take a front seat in the management of their own health journey. My garage was too small to offer classes so hence the Lennox Sanctum was born.’

At Sanctum Dee and her team offer many types of modalities with more exciting therapies coming soon. Several of the practitioners run their businesses through the clinic but manage their own bookings and appointments, while some like massage and naturopathy, subcontract to Dee and are booked through her.

In August she is launching yoga and mindfulness classes that will also be booked with the individual facilitators. Dee says ‘Classes will be small and intimate so pepole feel comfortable and facilitators can provide more individualised attention to participants.’

‘People of Lennox and surrounds are so invested in self-care and working towards a more conscious life, because we are all awakening to the realisation that true health is more than just diet and exercise,’ she says.

‘We have been so gifted with support form our local commnity since our opening on 1 July. To be honest, I had no idea how big the task was that I had undertaken in moving from home into a commercial premises. I am a single mum with two children, one of whom has additional needs. To say I am time poor is an understatement. Having given so much to my children I felt it was time to actualise my dreams and show them that you can achieve your dreams if you are determined (or crazy) enough to put the hard work in. On completion the greatest gift of all was from my daughter who looked in amazment at what I had created and declared “Mum, you are amazing to have created this. I am so proud of you!”’.

The best way to keep up to date with classes workshops and modalities in to follow Sanctum on facebook or instagram or sign up to the newsletter at

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