Northern Rivers Animal Shelter Open Day

The NRAS Rescue Shelter will be hosting an open day at its 61 Piper Drive facility on Sunday 17 September from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

What better way to mark the start of spring than to open the doors to the community that has supported the group for more than 15 years and view the renovated Ballina facilities, and maybe adopt a new best friend?

The NRAS office at Piper Drive has now been in full swing for almost 10 months, staffed by some very talented and committed volunteers. The past year, whilst finishing renovations, the NRAS has taken the opportunity to evaluate the facilities, ascertain what else is required and to test the operating procedures for the kennels and cat condos with some ‘trial residents’.

‘We maintain the philosophy that our animals are much better served with socialisation and being placed in a loving, caring foster environment rather than long-term ‘shelter’ accommodation’, said NRAS President, Jo Parker.

‘Therefore, we will continue to utilise the extraordinary efforts of our foster carers whilst using the NRAS Rescue Shelter at Piper Drive as an emergency care facility,’ said Jo.

‘Having a local base that offers emergency accommodation for the companion animals of the Northern Rivers has been a dream of the organisation for over a decade and we are so much closer to that every day.’

Too many pets end up in shelters and some even face the worst possible fate. If you are looking for a new best friend, please consider adopting a pet.

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