Lennox Head Residents’ Association – August 17

On 3 July we were very pleased to welcome new and current members.

Ballina Shire Council (BSC) Delivery Plan to 2021

The Plan, as it affects Lennox Head, has been reviewed by Ballina Shire Council (BSC) following residents’ submissions and approaches to the General Manager by Councillors. BSC agreed that action will be taken on Village Renewal for completion by 2021. Funds have been allocated for consultation on two plan options (one or two way streets). A trial of one way routes in Ballina Street and Park Lane is proposed so residents can give an informed opinion during the consultation stage. Council staff will develop a proposal to Councillors identifying how funding for works will occur.

Dr Stewart’s farm (Intrapac Properties) development

The Association will convey to BSC concerns about amenity, community facilities, proposed traffic lights, the need for a coastal buffer zone and visual softening with trees. Some super lots are marked on plans as neighbourhood centres and may be rezoned for future higher density dwellings. Individuals who have concerns are encouraged to correspond with BSC.

Boomerang bags

A committee is assessing practicalities of implementing in Lennox Head a project of providing sewn cloth bags to businesses to encourage reduction in single-use plastic. This is a world wide movement so the committee can learn from other groups about their teething troubles and successes. Community interaction involves volunteers meeting to sew bags from donated recycled fabric. BSC indicated they will make a venue available.

RFS building

BSC inspected the current building and agreed action is required with a possible site on the Epic development.

2022 – the Centenary of Lennox Head Village

In December 1922 the name Lennox Head was applied to the village for the first time at the Lennox Head Estate land auction. With five years to our 100th birthday, we have started planning.

Join us, share your views and hear our news on Mondays 7 August, 4 September and 2 October 2017 from 7pm in the CWA Hall. Feedback is encouraged by email to lhrainc@gmail.com or facebook at Lennox Head Residents’ Association.

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