Landmarks Of Lennox – Club Lennox

In 1924, developers of Lennox Head Estate identified land bounded by Lennox, Gibbons, Stewart and King Streets as a Recreation Reserve. Ballina (then Tintenbar) Shire Council granted permission in 1956 to construct bowling facilities. By 1959, the ‘Bark (lined) Hut’, ‘Shelter Shed’ clubhouse, green and Lennox Head Bowls Club were established.

Fifty-two enterprising members raised funds to improve facilities, develop a second green and expand the club, becoming Lennox Head Bowls and Sports Club in the 1990s.

It has a proud competition history, supporting young members, with some successful in Junior events. Pennants’ teams (female and male) achieved wins and placings at State level.

In 2006 the Club was taken over by Sydney’s Ramsgate RSL Memorial Club which initially injected significant funds into the building. However, without warning in November 2012 Ramsgate closed Lennox Head Club, ‘devastating’ members, staff, volunteers, visitors and residents just prior to the holiday season.

Impressively, the community and a dedicated group challenged the closure and just 13 months later Club Lennox opened its doors. Bowlers and members rejoined, volunteers committed, a new restaurant commenced and sporting associations made it their home base. Now the Club hosts electronic sporting facilities, meeting areas, community and entertainment events, children’s play area, dining room and offers barefoot bowls and mufti days along with the serious business of competition.

Sources: Turner, S, 2012, ‘We will survive’, Northern Star 13 November; Broadhead, G, 2013 ‘Bowls club set to open again’, Northern Star 21 December.

Photos: Lennox Head Heritage Committee

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