Trekking For Veterans

Pictured from left: Daniel (Robbo) Robinson, Rex Riley, and Jack Barden

Local Lennox man Jack Barden and his friend, Robbo, (both of whom served in Afghanistan) are currently trekking roughly 3000kms from the North to the South of Norway in an attempt to cast a more positive light on the veteran image and experience.

The five-and-a-half-month trek is self funded, and 100% of money raised will go to Team Rubicon Australia (TRA).

The men acknowledge that there are serious issues facing returned servicemen and women – including PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), homelessness and suicide.

However, they are also concerned that the media is too preoccupied with this, causing the public to associate the word ‘veteran’ with negativity. Jack and Robbo are trying to shift the focus to highlight the amazing things small pockets of veterans are doing right around the world.

On their website they explain their journey like this:

‘We recognise that the current ‘veteran narrative’ doesn’t positively reflect the pride many veterans feel from their work in uniform. Having both served ourselves, and subsequently discharged with injuries, we are connected with thousands of veterans in small pockets, living large every day. They have identified service, injury or illness as an opportunity for rapid growth, refusing to be defined by their setbacks and refusing to be encouraged to stay unwell to receive help (as the current systems suggests).

We want to make a change in the veteran narrative by putting ourselves to the test! Challenging our love of travel and our eagerness to emulate the positive veteran narrative we are trekking the length of Norway on an epic 3,353 km journey. Not to raise awareness, but to contribute to the change in how the modern veteran is discussed.

The purpose of Status Resfeber is to motivate and inspire ourselves as much as it is to contribute to the veteran community we are so proud of. ‘Just because you break, doesn’t mean you’re broken’. This is our journey and we want you to be a part of it in anyway you want to contribute.

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