Proudly Representing Lennox On The Gold Coast

This group of local Lennox Head residents (well 95% are local), decided to tick an item off their bucket list last week. For months they have been pounding the pavement around Lennox and Ballina, rain hail or shine to get the fitness up to complete their first attempt at a half marathon – 21 kilometres!

There were eight entrants in the half marathon, one entry in the marathon, one in the 10kms and of course the essential support crew. All runners clocked up a personal best and left the LENNOX CREW stamp on the Gold Coast. A great weekend was had by all. Look out of the Lennox Crew pounding the pavement again for the next challenge.

Congrats to Bruce Carmichael, Jason Casson, Clare & Justin Ingram, Tim Pobjoy, Jeannette Clark, Nikki Kay, Christina Dunne, Vicki Kelly,  Matt Moyle, Jason Dunne, Lou Casson, Natalie Parry, Erin Stalenberg and Al Lane.

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