Lennox Head Landcare, July 17

Nope, it’s not toasty warm and yep sometimes the wind has icicles in it, but that doesn’t have to spell an end to all outdoor activities – just means we might need to dust off the old adventure wear! Dressed in the right attire, and maybe accompanied by an appropriate warm drink or fellow body, this is one of the best times for some nature watching.

Humpback whales have well and truly begun their northerly migration to breed and give birth and we’re in prime whale watching time here. This year 27,000 whales are expected to pass through the region so there’s a good chance you’ll be rewarded for leaving your place of warmth.

If the whales aren’t performing there’s also the birds of prey to look out for, which can be just as mesmerising. It’s breeding season for many of these birds and their courtships can involve spectacular aerial displays, where they dive, loop the loop, soar in unison or join talons and cartwheel through the sky! 

There are a number of birds of prey recorded around Lennox including; Wedge-tailed Eagles, White-bellied Sea-Eagles, Brahminy Kites, Ospreys, Black-shouldered Kites and Pacific Bazas. Here are two of my favourites birds of prey and probably the ones you’re most likely to see around Lennox Headland.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle 

– head and belly are crispy white, wings are slate grey

– graceful in flight, soar with their wings upswept (v-shaped)

– call sounds like a honking goose heard mainly in the breeding season

– known to harass other birds for their food

– mainly seen here in winter

– spot them perching in the Norfolk pines along the Point track.

Brahminy Kite

– rich chestnut colour with white head and chest

– glide with their wings held flat

– call sounds like a bleating lamb mainly heard in the breeding season

– seen here all year round

– spot them perching in the Norfolk Pines along the Point track or in taller trees in the dunes on Seven Mile Beach

Until next month, hope you spot a few whales, see some frisky birds of prey and more importantly get your money’s worth out of your adventure wear!

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