Dog Of The Month, July 17

Name – Barney  

Owner’s name – Jenna

Breed – Boxer   

Age – 4 yrs

Best friends – My hound mates, Shenzi, Keiko, Dusty, Zephyr, Ollie & Ripley and Biscuit, Bob, Cooper and Bonnie (she’s a really pretty Boxer lady).

Nick Names   Barnabas, Loony Boy, Barnster, Barney Boy, Costalot, Snuggle Bum, Whinge Pus, Pushy Pants

Favourite Food – FOOD! Chicken necks, bully sticks and peanut butter on toast is pretty good.

Favourite thing to do – Be with my mum, go for a walk, be with my mum, go for a ride in the car, be with my mum, sleep on the lounge, be with my mum, play with my oinky pig.

If he wasn’t a dog he would be – I do love being a dog, but I’d probably be a fugitive. The ranger in Sydney couldn’t catch me and mum says I’m a thief. I used to steal food, but now I just steal the doona when I sleep on the bed.

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