Cooling The Clubhouse

The magnificent clubhouse that nestles comfortably overlooking Williams Reserve has received yet another selfless, community minded act. We know already that the building is a fur lined, ocean going testament to exactly what a community can achieve with a collective goal in mind and a single-minded dedication.

The once ugly duckling has been gradually transformed from a fairly soulless, brick pill box to the majestic swan it is today thanks to the efforts of far too many to mention and continued expert management by the Lennox Head Combined Sports Association.

Well it now has some kick arse reverse cycle air conditioning thanks to local businessmen David Peake of Hinterland Air and Brian Paff of Brian Paff Electrical and Security.

And guess what it cost? Yep you guessed it… nothing!. Yep gratis, zero, zilch, free!

Apparently Peake and Paff, stalwarts of the Lennox Head Golden Oldies were boogieing the night away at the Stags’ end of year function. While grooving and grinding to the sounds of Kool and the Gang, MJ, the Pointer Sisters not to mention Toni Basil and Irene Cara, the duo were bathed in what they referred to as a wet, slightly saline substance. The substance, it was explained was sweat, something neither had ever encountered in donning the jersey of the mighty Stags!

Windows were flung open, a cool breeze flooded in, dirty dancing continued but the seed was sown…

Wind forward a month or two and Peake made a gracious offer to provide all the hardware and better still his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ partner Paff also came to the party with his expert electrical services to ensure year round comfort for all!

Their offer accepted and, as the photo shows job done!

If you haven’t been down there lately there’s scarcely a time when the green sward of Williams Reserve isn’t being used. During winter with the rugby codes, in summer with the Pirates and generally by Le Ba and other members of the Combined Sports Association.

It truly is the beating heart of Lennox Head!

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