Body Talk, July 17

If you want to maintain healthy bones it is crucial to ensure that you eat foods rich in Calcium. Some of these are, Quark (European Cottage Cheese available from your health food store, high in Vitamin K2 which regulates where calcium ends up in your body), yogurt, cheddar cheese, milk, Chinese cabbage, Chinese mustard greens, bok choy, kale, Chinese spinach, white beans, broccoli, pinto beans, red beans, sweet potato and spinach.    

Vitamin D is also important. Ensure daily exposure to sunlight at least 10 minutes. Foods high in Vitamin D are fatty fish, tuna, mackerel & salmon, sharp cheddar, egg yolks, dried shitake mushrooms, chanterelle mushrooms, sardines and cod liver oil.

There are thousands of so called ‘natural’ supplements on the market that claim to have excellent results for both arthritis and osteoporosis. When you get right into the nitty gritty it’s a mine field. In my opinion supplements are fantastic in many ways when needed, but it’s very important to know what you’re supplementing for, where the supplement is derived from, and whether it has any scientific evidence-based proof of its value. The best solution is an organic whole food diet complete with Omega-3 fatty acids, high in calcium, vitamin K2 and vitamin D, all exceptional to help your body increase bone strength and fight arthritic pain. 

One of the many science-based facts of omega 3-fatty acids is that it improves bone strength. Studies indicate that omega-3s can improve bone strength by increasing the amount of calcium in bones. This leads to a reduced risk of osteoporosis. omega-3s also help with arthritis. Arthritic patients who include omega-3 in their diet have reported reduced joint pain.

In terms of food based Omega-3s, some of the highest foods are flaxseed oil (cold pressed organic), organic chia seeds (soak for 10 minutes prior to using), walnuts, leafy greens (especially mustard greens), salmon, caviar, sardines, soybeans, wild rice, oysters and tuna.      

So there we have it folks, some excitingly yummy foods to include in your diet for bone and skeletal strength and to fight off those arthritic winter pains.    

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