YOLO, June 17

What happens in life when you don’t fit a box? At what point is ‘fitting in’ with the majority considered to be more valuable than life itself?

For more than a good week, I’ve been pondering how best to write about this.

For years we’ve heard the words ‘embrace individualisation’. However, when we look at society’s standardised boxes we’re expected to fit generally, I think there’s an attitude of just get over it.

And you know what? I’m with you. We do need to move forward.

But then, another famous person dies or something near tragic happens and sprawled all over social media with statements like ‘I can’t believe it’. 

Let’s think about it for a minute – there’s always been societal pressure regarding what someone should look like or sound like. We also like to define success and coolness.

Aside from famous folk, there were recent news reports of a near death involving a 13 year boy old due to alcohol poisoning, with vodka smuggled into the schoolyard by his peers. Apparently the teenager, felt the need to engage in a ‘dare’ to drink in order to fit in.

Such actions could deemed as reckless. And yet, that’s the common thread, especially during adolescence, ‘fitting in’ is so vital. The words ‘You’re not alone’ are not enough.

We should be talking about the boxes.

Being cool or meeting certain standards by the time we reach point X, is a societal construct. And it is no secret that as humans, we all wish to feel that sense of belonging regardless of who we are (with or without extra appendages). My theory is – who knows the burdens people carry as a result of their own individualism?

Everyone has their own demons, for want of a better word. We already know evil and disastrous choices happen (unfortunately some have completely lost the plot – that’s another talk show). I prefer to focus on the positive, as there’s a heap of it.

For some of us ‘fitting a box’ matters less as we age. Perhaps it’s all the boxes that need a-changin’? Nah, screw what shape that box is. Join forces, run freely, walk wobbly, roll hard, do good, don’t litter, and what an amazing world it would be.

YOLO right?

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