Enter The Lennox Head Business Awards

Business Awards time is once again upon us, so if you have a business in Lennox Head, no matter how big or how small, no matter what it is that you do for a crust, and no matter how super busy and super tired you are, make sure you stand up as a part of your Lennox business community and show your pride in your business, yourself and your team.

Last year it was Barefruit Marketing who were awarded Best Professional Services and Business of the Year in 2016.

‘The process for entering the Business Awards is very straightforward – it really doesn’t take much time out of your day and the benefits outweigh any initial time taken,’ says Claire, Chief Juicer at Barefruit Marketing.

‘The ceremony is always a great night out. It’s a time for local Lennox businesses to come together to support and encourage one another.’

‘Winning the awards has been great for our business and further growth. The publicity around the awards and the winners is great, and many of our new clients heard about us first there.’

The Lennox Business Awards night reflects our easy going nature, our love of life, our passion to work hard, laugh, keep on going, and get the job done. The recognition that we get through it all, day by day, each year, by surviving together, and being there for each other.

So here we go again, great food, great fun, great entertainment, yet again a night to remember….GO LENNOX!

If you would like to enter your business in the 2017 Lennox Head Business Awards, info will be posted this week at www.lennoxchamber.com.au


This year, as is always the case, there will be entertainment, fun, celebration of achievement and delicious food at Club Lennox.

Lennox Head’s funniest MC (and Lennox Wave columnist) John Peacock, will keep the crowd laughing, while local singer/ crooner Sebastian will entertain with some classic songs. And, to top it all off Club Lennox Manager and Trivia master, Geoff Martin will throw out some tricky trivia to test the guests. It is set to be a fun night. 

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