Beach Sounds – All Ages Gig

Pictured: left Michael Watson guitarist from WHARVES with Ben Luke.

Ben Luke, a 16 year old from Lennox Head, started his own music business just a few months ago called Lennox Groove and since has been since busy selling vinyl records and cassette tapes, getting his graphic designs on band T Shirts and album covers, and even doing interviews with bands including the Dune Rats. He is also a gifted musician and a fixture at local punk and rock gigs.

So Ben’s latest announcement of new Music Event Beach Sounds is not such a huge surprise. Beach Sounds is co-promoted by the members of Lennox Head indie rock band WHARVES, and will feature a stellar line up of some of the country’s best young surf, punk and rock acts with Lunatics on Pogosticks, VOIID, Mini Skirt, White Blanks – and of course WHARVES.

Beach Sounds falls on the same weekend as the SkullCandy Grom Fest which sees the top Australian and international under 18 surfers compete in Lennox Head in what is regarded as one of the premier junior surf comps in the World.

Beach Sounds is an all ages alcohol free event and will take place at the newly refurbished Park Lane Theatre in Lennox Head. Unsurprisingly SkullCandy has jumped on board to sponsor Beach Sounds, along with a raft of other local businesses and Ballina Council.

Ben said ‘Mum and Dad said “get a job”, and I was like “yea nah”, so I started Lennox Groove and a big goal is to bring the music I love to my home town for kids my age and that is why I am starting Beach Sounds.’

Beach Sounds will be headlined by Lunatics on Pogosticks a band that has made a big impact on the Australian surf punk scene over the last couple of years. 

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