The Station Grocer

It’s been about six months now, since the Lennox servo was renovated and transformed into The Station Grocer, a food and convenience store with an emphasis on fresh local produce.

It seems there’s not much they don’t stock here, from fresh local fruit and veg, bakery bread, groceries, take home meals, take away food, to freshly ground barista made coffee and they even have flowers delivered fresh daily and arranged by the girls in store.

The Station Grocer is owned by a Lennox family and employs about 15 other locals, it is run by Joel Rudgley (Manger) and Liza Captain (Assistant Manager). Between them they divide the tasks according to their strengths.

Liza admits she’s an organiser, so she takes care of ordering and working with suppliers, ensuring that everything is always in stock. Joel is a people person, and takes on more of the front-of-house responsibilities, plus staffing, which he says ‘is not too difficult, because we let them find their niche and fit into the routine as they go.’

According to Joel, ‘We try to stock as much local produce as we can, right down to meat from the Lennox Butcher, icecream from Lennox Gelato, curries from Yellow Flower and vegetarian meals from Heart and Halo in Byron. We stock small local growers and producers who might not get a chance with some of the bigger players.’

And, says Liza, ‘We also make a lot of our takeaway food in house, Nathan is in the kitchen from 5am everyday making sandwiches, rolls, wraps, salads and of course his breaky buritos and bacon and egg rolls. We bake our own muffins and the free range chickens are cooked on site.’

Perhaps one of the best things about the Station Grocer is its opening hours. In fact it seems the place is hardly ever closed, with a 365 day commitment (yes, that’s right Christmas Day and Good Friday) from 5 am to 11 pm.

Not surprisingly the place has built up a strong local customer base.

‘Yes’, says Joel, ‘we have some great local regulars who make our day. And some fabulous staff too.’

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