Lennox Longboarders, May 17

Another deferred round. Postponed from Sunday April 9, we waited for Easter to pass, then Sunday April 23 brought us some waves at Lennox Main, with sunny skies and an off-shore wind. Though the abating swell from Easter still packed a solid punch on the very straight banks at Lennox Main.

25 members turned up to surf the round. Standout longboarding was from Will Petrie winning the Firsts in trying conditions and the speed and skill of Aaron Coopersmith, 2nd in the Firsts. Some of these waves were just make-able on our 9FT-plus boards.

Best of the ladies was Lee Middleton 3rd in the Seconds.

Thanks to Craig Leete for some pics on the day. Thanks to Will Petrie again for the BBQ catering and George Leslie for tallying and round coordination.

Winners of the Vouchers from Lennox Surf – Emily Simmonds & From Coast Cafe – George Leslie.

Thanks to Both Lennox Surf and Coast Cafe Lennox for their support in 2017


1sts. 1. Will Petrie. 2. Aaron Coopersmith. 3. Tim Leete. 4. Greg Gover. 5. James Foster.

2nds. 1. Tony Barnett. 2. Peter Briggs. 3. Lee Middleton. 4. Terry Kay. 5. Chris Cain (Didn’t surf 2nd round)

3rds. 1. Craig Leete. 2. Adele Purbrick. 3. Emily Simmonds. 4. Eleanor Robertson. 5. Andrew Thomas.

4ths. 1. John Eddy. 2. Kate Ashdown. 3. Rob Rye. 4. Nick Mitchell. 5. Ron Crowther (Didn’t surf 2nd round)

5ths. 1. Wayne Booth. 2. Geoff Mitchell. 3. Denis Baker. 4. Meg Smith. 5. Jimmy Baker(Didn’t surf the 2nd round)

6ths. 1. Gary Alford. 2. Deanna Wass. 3. Angus Gover. 4. Steve O’Neill. 5. Liz Peterson.

Next Club round is scheduled for Sunday 14 May (Mothers Day) a special day for the surfing mums.

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