Lennox Head Lions Club, May 17

On 17 March we held the Leos’ Induction/Pizza night at our local Surf Club and what a fun night it was. Whilst waiting for the pizzas, we decided to teach the Leos a Maori stick game. For a short time the area resembled a missile test range but the students picked up the skills very quickly and the end result was terrific. I DID have to warn the Lions (the Leos were far too mature) that anyone caught sword fighting with the sticks would be relegated to the end of the line come pizza time.

After eating and the induction a rather unusual form of modified cricket and some excellent ‘Limbo dancing’ ensued. Congratulations to all of the 27 Leos who were inducted. Thanks too to Lion Helen and teacher Leanne McFadden for your organisation.

In early April, Lions Frank and Paul were given a tour of the Mental Health Care unit at Byron Bay Hospital as our Lions club had donated 4 special-purpose chairs for their use. Two of those chairs went to the unit at the Lismore clinic and two remained at Byron. Barbara Swain and some of the staff gave us the tour as a thank you to the club for the donation. Their gratitude was very obvious. Both Lions gave the chairs a thorough test run.

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