Lennox Head Residents’ Association, May 17

Winter Olympic Training Facility

At our 3 April meeting we welcomed existing and many new members for discussion on the Winter Olympic Training Facility (WOTF) at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation. A communication was forwarded to Ballina Shire Council (BSC) seeking clarification on aspects of the proposed development, specifically the difficulty in ascertaining numbers of participants and entourages using the facility together with volume of multi functional use by sports other than aerial ski-ing, visual impact and environmental implications. Included were requests for Lennox Head Residents’ Association Inc (LHRA Inc) access to consultants engaged and details of processes involved. The General Manager responded promptly with details of the project director (Office of Sport’s Vicki Haddock) and confirmation that BSC has not yet adopted a formal position on the proposal but will likely make a submission to the Joint Regional Planning Panel once the development application (DA) has been considered by BSC. LHRA Inc rejects in principle the proposed WOTF, particularly the imposing height and bulk and will respond in detail when the DA is publicly accessible.

Join us, share your views and hear our news on Mondays 5 June, 3 July and 7n August 2017 from 7pm in the CWA Hall.

Feedback is encouraged by email to lhrainc@gmail.com or facebook at Lennox Head Residents’ Association.

Residents’ Association at Love Lennox Festival 2017

We Love Lennox and love to share our activities with our community. On 3 June enthusiastic members of Coastcare, Friends of Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Community Gardens Inc and Lennox Head Heritage Committee will be in Ballina Street and the Community Centre with interactive displays catering to many interests and ages.

‘LHRA aims to provide opportunities to involve our community in actively caring for our environment, planning for the future and sharing the past of Lennox Head,’ said President, Monica Wilcox. ‘We plan to do this in a fun way and encourage lovers of Lennox to meet us.’

Pictured: Monica Wilcox preparing for Love Lennox

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