Fairies In The Front Garden


Fairies are usually found hiding at the bottom of the garden. Not so the Lennox Head fairies, who are paying visits to the Dickers on a regular basis.

Anna and Graham Dicker are a very special pair of grandparents. With three little grandchildren already here on earth and one on the way, they decided to design and build a unique fence for their new building in Cliff Murray Lane.

It’s a proper fairy fence, home to a whole family of creatures β€” koalas, whales, cat-stalking-bird, snake, and a multitude of birds, including pelicans and kookaburras β€” plus decorations that include the Opera House, bird boxes, and a couple of very tiny fairy doors, where fairies leave special gifts or notes for good little kids.

Anna designed the entire masterpiece, right down to painting and cutting out the the meticulous detail. Graham helped with construction and practical back up. 

Have a wander past and marvel at the wonder of this piece of street art.

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  1. Andy

    Fantastic, well done to clever grandparents who have put so much time & effort into this gorgeous fence for not only their grandkids but for all to see πŸ™‚ It looks amazing!!!


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