Angela Hitzke Is Ms April

Family Day Care Educator at Frangipani Day Care

Birthplace: Brisbane

Family: partner Dave, children Curran (19), Jade (16) and Danny (14)

Star Sign: Cancer

Favourite Food: Slovenian home cooked meals

Angela Hitzke grew up in Brisbane with her 2 younger sisters, Emma and Amber with a Prussian surname and Slovenian upbringing, wanting to be an archeaologist.

At 19 she was told she had a full blood brother who’d been adopted out in the 1960s by an Austrian count (who owns a castle back there) and his Aussie wife. That year the sisters met their older brother Simon and the 4 siblings are still close to this day and have made up for lost time.

She moved to Sydney in her twenties and worked at the Menzies Hotel in the food and beverage department later transferring to a sister hotel at Terrigal on the central Coast. Here she met Robert Barrett the author of the famous Les Norton books such as Wouldn’t be Dead for Quids and many others. She appears as a character in one of his books as Angela and the two remained good friends until his death in 2012.

‘I had the idea we should have a small magazine promoting Terrigal and what’s on so I arranged to see the President of the Chamber of Commerce to get some tips. ‘He was a potter who was converting his studio into an amazing café and restaurant and after us talking he asked me to manage it, a three level, funky place called Louvres Cafe. She worked here for several years and bought her first house not far from there at Tumbi Umbi.

She later moved to Lennox and has lived here for almost twenty years now with all three of her children being home water births and Jade and Danny being born here at Lennox Head itself.

Ten of those years have been devoted to being a Family Daycare Educator.

‘It began because Jade inspired me when she was little.’

‘When we moved into Dave’s home we converted the playroom for family day care. I’ve forged such strong relationships with so many parents and families in this community. I love it and recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary which was a proud moment.’

‘During that time I joined the Lennox Wave team and I’ve been writing for years, with many stories at home dating back to my childhood. My friends are encouraging me to write a book and there’s many ideas being tossed around such as a children’s series and a detective novel based in Lennox, all with a comical streak. So you never know Lennox locals, you might be reading about yourselves sometime soon.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Definitely participating in the education and social development of  young children and laying the foundations for healthy adulthood. I love spending my days with the little ones.

Worst thing? Paperwork.

Hobbies? Cooking, history, walking the dogs, champagne, writing and dinner parties

Work Life Philosophy: Put the most into every day, that way you’ll fall asleep easily and peacefully knowing you did a good job.

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