Angel Brings It Home

It seems like the whole town was watching Angel Isaac as she transformed herself from fit young mum to medal winning body builder.

Angel (who is co-owner of local restaurant Quattro) had set herself the goal of competing in the Australasian Natural Bodybuilders Competition in May, and would devote 6 months prior to prepare for the big event. That meant training (usually at Surfit or on the beach) 6 times a week for at least 90 minutes and usually starting her sessions at 3.30 am.

Plus she had to follow a strict high protein diet that included no carbs, except for one meal a week where she was permitted a ‘carb load’.

‘Every meal was measured, and I would eat six times a day,’ she says.

It was a big commitment not only for Angel but also for her ‘wonderful’ and ‘very supportive’ husband Paul, and their two daughters Olive and Harriet.

What started as a personal quest to set herself a challenge, turned into a much celebrated victory when Angel surprised herself by winning the Fitness Novice section of the competition.

‘The judges look for symmetry, confidence, fitness, presentation, the whole package,’ she says.

She thanks her coach Karen Plum who has 20 years competitive body building experience, and Ellie Bone her training partner who also competed and came second in the under 25s.

Angel says ‘It was an amazing experience to have so many people supporting me the whole way. Dave, Shannon, Aggie, Sal and Kylie – the team at Surfit – were just amazing. And so were the other members of the gym.

‘We have so many strong women in Lennox Head and I’m proud to be able to join them and be an inspiration for future generations.

‘Setting challenges for yourself brings happiness. I did it the healthy way and I’m so glad I stuck with it.’

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