A Secret Safe To Tell

Empowering Resources, Rafiki Mwema and FSG Australia are joining forces to raise funds to create an Indigenous Australian version of A Secret Safe to Tell, by Naomi Hunter.

A Secret Safe to Tell combines powerful writing with deep insight into the issue of child abuse and tells the story through the eyes of a young girl about the inner turmoil she experiences. While the message is clear from the title, the story is a gentle one which shows how communication can lead to freedom and healing.

A Secret Safe to Tell, written by Naomi Hunter, has been a huge success since its release in 2014. It has been re-printed many times, has been translated into Complex Chinese in Taiwan and into Simplified Chinese in China and most recently illustrated and translated for the children of East Africa.

The book encourages children who have been abused to speak up and seek help and support. It also supports adult survivors to share their story, helping them to remove the feeling of guilt and shame. It also encourages adults to have meaningful conversations with kids under their care in classrooms and homes regarding body safety, not keeping secrets and the fact that they can speak up, even when an adult is telling them not to.

A Secret Safe to Tell has been nominated for the 2015 Australian Book Industry Award (ABIA) for Best Children’s Book of the Year (small publisher category) as well as the 2015 Australian Speech Pathology Awards. It has featured on radio programs in most major Australian cities as well as many newspapers, magazines and online publications. Kate Leaver wrote, in an article for online publication Mamamia, ‘this book should be in every home and in every school’.

The publisher will be working alongside the legendary Bundjalung Elder Digby Moran who will help them and a local artist provide a book that will nurture, educate and empower Indigenous Australian Children.

You can support this project by sharing this post and pledging on the Kickstarter campaign.

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