Love Lennox Festival, June 3

Besides being entertaining, festivals and events like the Love Lennox Festival on June 3 offer a host of economic and social benefits to this community. Festivals attract visitors, stimulating the growth of tourism and other businesses in our town.

The best thing about being involved with festivals and events is the opportunity to help build a community, foster a sense of pride within a community, and engage a community. Honestly, I’ve never found something outside a community event that can do that to the same degree.

We all know that hometown pride is a critical factor in the development and improvement of any community. Residents with community pride are more likely to speak positively about their town to others and to volunteer with organisations and activities that support the common good.

Assuming everything else goes well, the payoff to this relationship-building is a prosperous day. But the benefits last well beyond the event, as people bring their connections and collective knowledge and skills to develop the community.

As ‘Lennoxers’, we like to think we bring a genuine sincerity that our event participants really pick up on. We love where we live and so we focus on events that showcase the best our area has to offer, and we also just get to be ourselves. We don’t try to be something we’re not, and people react really well to that.

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This year’s Love Lennox Festival will take place on Saturday June 3 2017.


Debs – President Lennox Chamber of Commerce

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