Jan Gannon — Exhibition & Opening Night

Lennox Arts Collective is proud to host ‘Shine’, an exhibition by local artist Jan Gannon, which showcases her diverse collection of captivating abstract resin works. 

Jan’s collection offers an emotive insight into the inspiration she sources from nature and her immediate surroundings.  Where others see the mundane; Jan can extract the texture, sound, taste and visual components to capture a special moment in time. 

Her technique of melding resin, dyes, colours, heat and movement, layer upon layer, stimulates the observer’s imagination on an inward journey. 

Whilst all of her pieces are exquisitely unique, each shares a common theme of texture, fluidity and depth of colour synonymous with her distinctive creative process.  Many of her pieces evoke a wide range of responses and she unequivocally enjoys hearing what the viewers imagination is perceiving.

Jan has a rich history in the arts, initially exploring the world of fabric and embroidery. Later she moved on to oil and silk painting which had a profound effect on her as she readily embraced the technique of blending vibrant colours. More recently she has discovered the amazing world of inks and resins.  Jan loves the spontaneity, time constraints and manner in which each individual piece comes alive as it develops.

To Jan, creativity is as fundamental as breathing.  Whether we are creating our relationships, our friendships, our home environment, our work atmosphere, or our spiritual life; Jan believes it is an integral part of being human.  Using art as a means of creativity allows Jan to evoke magic, enjoy life and to be in touch with a deeper part of herself. It represents the wonderful powers of imagination, action and transformation.

Jan’s wish is that you enjoy the results as much as she enjoys the creation of her work.

Opening Night Friday 28 April

5.30pm – 8.00pm

Exhibition runs Friday 28 April – Thursday 11 May

Gallery is open 7 days a week, 10am-3pm.


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