Coast Road Detour From Early May


The next stage of the Skennars Head Road and The Coast Road roundabout works will commence shortly after the Anzac Day holiday period.

To facilitate the final stages of the roundabout construction The Coast Road will be closed to through traffic with detours in place via Skennars Head Road and North Creek Road.

The road closure will be effective from Monday 8 May 2017 and anticipated to be in place (weather permitting) until the end of June.

The alternate routes for traffic heading south along The Coast Road will be:

Motorists to use North Creek Road and Skennars Head Road

The alternate routes for traffic heading north along The Coast Road will be:

Motorists to use Skennars Head Road and North Creek Road

The Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) has identified the intersection as a black spot under their ‘safer roads’ initiatives and has allocated $2 million to the upgrade.

Council thanks motorists for their patience and understanding. These works are necessary to make this arterial road and intersection safer and prevent future fatalities.

Further information on the construction works can be viewed on Council’s website



2 Responses

  1. Greg Byrnes

    Who did the analysis of this black spot? Was it before they dropped the speed limit from 100 to 80? Did it take note of the accidents from the road to Boulders beach which is not part of this roundabout?

    It will be like nearly every other roundabout in this area and poorly designed with dual lanes allowing drivers to “straight line” the intersection. Hopefully this one will not be planted so that nobody can see traffic that is coming into or on the roundabout.

  2. John Bortolin

    2 million for a round about. What a Joke. It dosent even include the road that leads to bolders beach. When exiting Bolders Beach you still wont be able to turn right towards Lennox Head. How can something like this get approved. What a waste of tax payers money.


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