Airport Extension & Upgrade

Plans to upgrade the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport terminal have been unveiled and are set to make life much more comfortable for travellers.

The Ballina Byron Gateway Airport continues to be one of Australia’s busiest regional airports. Passenger numbers have doubled in the past fi ve years and are expected to hit 700,000 in the next five years.

The Manager, Neil Weatherson says the airport’s popularity is what’s caused the airport to outgrow the terminal. ‘There’s been a constant overcrowding in the terminal building, so we’ve had to do something.’

Plans for the $5.4 million-dollar upgrade have been unveiled and feature a landscaped piazza, alfresco dining, art gallery, and kids play area. The upgrade will also increase the check-in, arrival and departure lounges as well as double the seating.

The expansion project is a long-term investment that won’t just benefi t passengers travelling through the airport, but Ballina businesses can also expect the upgrade to bring a boom to tourism and the local economy.

Construction will commence mid-year 2017 and is expected to be completed in early 2018.

The Certified Air Ground Radio Service (CAGRS) at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is now operational, which means safer air travel for our air crews and passengers.

The CAGRS operates for all regular passenger transport in and out of the airport in line with Civil Aviation Safety Regulations.

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport Manager, Neil Weatherson, said “The airport was pleased to have come to this arrangement with Airservices Australia. This new and improved level of communications will see a radio operator work from within the elevated Airservices Aviation Fire Station and advise incoming and departing aircraft of other aircraft within sight of the runway.”

This new service meets a recommendation made by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

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