Want To Get Grubby With The Gang From Dirtgirlworld?

Dirtgirl, Scrapboy and Costa the garden gnome are heading back to our screens in Get Grubby TV… a 20 episode series to inspire kids and families to switch off and go outside. 

This season, there something big afoot. Dirtgirl is growing a generation of fact filled, passionate, happy, confident, planet loving, nature buffs, who love getting grubby.

To fit with the story, the team is looking for kids with very specific skills, interests and hobbies. Sustainable kids with a special interest. Maybe it’s chooks, solar power, rocks, ninja backyards or even silk worms.

They will choose 20 kids from the Northern Rivers, Gold Coast, Sydney or Melbourne who are 8-12 and who really want to share their enthusiasm, in front of the camera, for nature…and who of course, love getting grubby.

Each episode will feature one child…with one of the stars hanging out with them, to learn what they know. The segment will run for about 90 seconds in the episode.

The producers are not looking for actors, as such, but for kids for whom this is their truth! Highly motivated kids…that doesn’t mean all super loud kids, necessarily…they are looking for a wide and diverse range of wonderful kids.

Filming is happening during the Easter school holidays. It will involve one camera person, one sound recordist, a director and either Costa or dirtgirl spending approximately 2 hours with each child doing what they love at their home, park, ocean or community garden!

Each child will be paid a small fee and their name will appear in the credits of the episode they are in.

So if you are … or know a

  • chicken girl/boy… loves their chickens/ knows how to handle and care for them/ and may even have trained them to do a trick!
  • soil girl/boy…a soil tester/compost fan/ microbe mad kid.
  • ninja girl/boy – this is very specific. We are looking for a kid who has an obstacle course in their home backyard/ and who is passionate about it.
  • bee girl/boy …a small, serious beekeeper, who know all about bees and bee keeping.
  • butterfly girl/boy… someone who is into silk worms or butterflies and could introduce us to how this all works.
  • surfer girl/boy …a great surfer who also cares for the ocean and could encourage
    costa the garden gnome to surf (PS …Costa does know how to surf, the garden gnome in him just needs to be bought up to speedo)
  • rock girl/boy…a rock balancer/geologist/rock collector
  • backyard gamer girl/boy – player of games outside in an urban backyard of DIY fun.
  • sandcastle girl/boy – a sand artist/decorator/ grand designer of the castle of sand
  • tent girl/boy – a kid who loves camping and would be happy to share every camping tip they know/ a tent-spert/ has camping nailed!
  • star girl/boy- an astronomer/ a stargazer/ can find planets and constellations in the night sky
  • plastic free girl/boy – we would love to visit a plastic free household but be guided by the kid of the house!/ a plastic free lover
  • garden girl/ boy … an avid gardener…a little Costa with or without beard!
  • nature girl/boy … a walker and talker …a mini David Attenborough
  • harvest girl/ boy…know when to pick em and what to do with them…a paddock to fork little fresh foodie. Talks with their mouthful or maybe …not! EEEw
  • puddle girl/ boy…love of mud, muddy water, mud sliding, puddle jumping showoff.
  • recycle girl /boy…a total expert about knowing what goes in which bin and …why!
  • solar girl/boy…a renewable power fan who can explain what is going on up there on the roof
  • wildlife girl/boy – a wires family kid who knows about rescuing and caring for our native animals.

Wow, that was big read … what do you do now?

  1. Send us an email to aliison@mememe.com.au, letting us know your name, age and the area you live in. (yes, in this case, Aliison does have two i’s)
  2. We will also need a short clip, filmed on a phone , tablet or camera… letting us know which kid you are and what you love doing. Please, no more than 30 secs …(cause our internet will blow up if everyone sends big clips). For eg. Hi I’m Felicia and I’m a garden girl and this is the biggest tomato I have grown this year. Tomatoes love basil, so I have basil planted all over my garden….etc. Demonstrate how clever you are. Don’t forget …grubby is good…and don’t worry about the quality of your filming, cause we won’t. We need your email and clip by MONDAY MARCH 20
  3. We will contact you later for more details

If you have any questions,ask below or please email Aliison or text her on 0428 216 079 and get back to you.

Cate McQuillen
Creator/Producer mememe productions
Get grubby TV

PS if you know a child that fits the bill but is between 5 and 7 AND is amazing…please feel free to include them….we will be casting 3 younger kids as well.

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