Firies Receive $10,000 From Lennox Head

Hundreds of locals descended on Club Lennox last Sunday 25 March to say thanks to the Firies who protected us from the fires in February.

Chamber of Commerce President, Debbie Smith, and Club Manager Geoff Martin, aided by an army of helpers, pulled together an incredible event which showcased the generosity and community spirit of the town, and gave an almighty special thanks to those hungry, thirsty, exhausted volunteers who worked so hard to stop the flames in heat and smoke, deprived of sleep, eyeballs hanging out of their heads.

In the end, after endless raffles and auctions for some amazing prizes, the total looks to be around $10,000 which is a mammoth effort, and fitting for the cause. We’re sure Debbie will update us further when she has some final figures. Here are some pics for you to enjoy.



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