Southern Cross K-12, Feb 17

Congratulations to our end of Year Assembly award recipients and Principal’s Award recipients.

Intermediate Female Sports Person of the Year Taylor Watson

Intermediate Male Sports Person of the Year Rowan Mansfield, Bayley Topper (joint winners)

Senior Female Sports Person of the Year Amba Gardnir

Senior Male Sports Person of the Year Jake Croft

Highest Number of Volunteer Hours

Yr 7 Violet Slater

Yr 8 Isaac O’Donnell

Yr 9 Ella Jackowski

Yr 10 Taylah Farrant

Yr 11 Hayley Carter

SRC Awards

Stage 4 Rachel Cameron

Stage 5 Taylah Farrant, Tyler Parry

Stage 6 Samuel Limpenny-Fawcett, Jessie Kernaghan

New Leaf Award Tyson Anderson

University of Newcastle Awards

Yr 11 Excellence Award Samuel Limpenny-Fawcett

Yr 11 Highly Commended Abbi Harris

The Gordon Killion Award Keeley McCosker

Reuben F Scarf Award Abbi Harris

Long Tan Award Year 10 Kate Goodman

DUX 2015 Cassandra Kellett

Lions Citizenship Awards Sebastian Gallagher, Ethan O’Donnell, Joshua Manning

DUX 2016 (Principal Award)

Yr 7 Zoe Aboitiz

Yr 8 Lily Howland

Yr 9 Sophie Cottrill

Yr 10 Tyler Parry

Yr 11 Sam Limpenny-Fawcett

Deputy Principal Awards

Yr 7 Kathleen Schlenker

Yr 8 Lachie Cottrill

Yr 9 Tayla Kennedy

Yr 10 Mia Munro

Yr 11 Abbi Harris

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