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A team of more than 60 nippers, seniors and masters from Lennox battled it out over a hot and hectic two days of Country Championship competition at South West Rocks on 4-5 February to finish in fifth place overall, with a total of 89 coveted medals.

On the beach and in the water, the team brought home a combination of 26 gold, 17 silver and 46 bronze medals.

This was the best result for the club in many years after finishing 8th in 2016 and 10th in 2015, with more than 1,400 competitors from 40 country NSW clubs taking part.

There were outstanding performances by our all athletes across the two day program, with notable mentions to:

U8 pocket rocket Percy Walker – 2nd in flags, 2nd in the beach sprint, 3rd in the wade, plus 1st as part of a team in the beach relay, 2nd in the mixed wade and 2nd in the mixed buchanan relay

U10 speed queen Niamh Sharpe – 1st in the beach sprint, 1st in the board, 1st in the swim, 1st as part of a mixed board relay team and 3rd in the flags

U11 champion Maalik Moston – 2nd in board, 1st in the swim

U12 quiet achiever Oliver Sharpe – 2nd on the board, 3rd in the iron, 1st as part of the beach sprint relay and 3rd in the mixed board relay team

U13 water man and now beachie Jack Breen – 1st in 1km run, 1st in beach sprint, 3rd in iron, and 3rd in the mixed board relay team.

U14 accomplished athlete Maisie Miller – 1st in iron, 1st in the swim, 1st in the mixed surf team

U14 dynamo Nathan McKenzie – 1st in board, 2nd in iron, 1st in the swim, 3rd in U15 board, and 1st in mixed surf team

U14 all-rounder Samantha Hughes – 3rd in flags, 3rd in the swim, 1st in mixed surf team

U17 speedster Jack Alder – 1st in 2km run, 3rd in flags

This success follows on the back of a second place behind Cudgen at the Branch Championships at Yamba on the 28-29 January, with a highlight being the claiming of both first and second place in the All Age Board Relay which automatically qualifies first place getters a position in the line at the State Championships.


Some 17 nippers are now preparing to back up for their final carnival of the season, the State Titles. This year, the event will be held at Swansea over 3 days from 3 March 2017.

“State titles are the pinnacle of the season for us, where our nippers get to test themselves against the best of the best from around the state including powerhouse Sydney clubs where nipper numbers can tally in the thousands,” said JAC, Sam Miller.

“We wish all our competitors the best of luck at Swansea. They’ve all trained exceptionally hard and they’re ready to go. It’s going to be an exciting three days,” she said.


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