Home Alchemy, Feb 17

‘Home is a name, a word,

it is a strong one;

a stronger than magician ever spoke,

or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration’ – Charles Dickens

If you think about all that our homes bear witness to, they truly are magical places.  They are often the starting point of new life and sometimes a life’s last resting place.  In fact, they are there for all of life’s seasons.  The dark nights of the soul, the good times and everything in between. 

Their role however, is much more than just one of bearing witness. Whether we are aware of it, believe in it or not, they can actually have an influence on the direction of our lives.

If you look back on your own life, perhaps you have some experience with this.  Have you ever had chronic health issues that strangely cleared up after you moved house?  Or noticed a stagnant area of your life dramatically improve after renovations or clutter clearing?  Perhaps there is a home that stands out in your memory because of the love that was shared there, or maybe the conflict and heartache?

Sometimes we are drawn to houses that offer particular challenges because we are in a time of personal growth.  While other times we are drawn to houses that naturally bring comfort and foster our sense of safety in the world.

No matter what story your current home has been telling, it does not have to dictate its future.

You have the power to intentionally direct your home, just as you control the journey your car takes every time you get in the driver’s seat.

The key is to become your own home alchemist.  To look first to the areas that have provided the greatest problems or challenges, and to think of them as your lead. The raw material that just needs to be transformed somehow, to reveal the gold.

The irony is that these are the places that we tend to least likely want to look at or spend anytime in.  The places we avoid the most.

So just go there. 

Go there and ask yourself:

What am I avoiding here and why?  And

If there is one small change I can make here today, what would it be?

Then do it. 

Make the change. 

Just one small change, and give it a few days to see what happens.

I guarantee some sort of magic will unfold.

Not to mention, you will have taken the very first step on the apprenticeship of becoming your very own home alchemist!

By Emily J Rooney | www.thehomealchemist.com

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