Fire Danger Passed

Photo by Gavin Hughes

Small fires are still flaring north of Lennox Head, but the main fire is out and danger to property has passed, for now.

According to Monty Gibbs, President of the Lennox Head Rural Fire Service, there were 40 personnel fighting the Sunday night fire at its peak, including brigades and volunteers from Lennox, Byron, Wardell, Ballina, Newrybar, Murwillumbah, Main Arm, and Mullumbimby.

The fire, which police believe was deliberately lit on Sunday morning, stretched from Camp Drewe to Linnaeus Estate. Fire fighters conducted extensive back burning along the coast road, and their efforts, combined with a cool change and some rain, eventually ended the fire’s rampage.

There’s a lot of gratitude from both sides of this struggle. The fireys are grateful for all the donations of water (thanks IGA), beer (thanks FOAM), and food and sweets.

But the community is also grateful. While not as ferocious as our 2013 fire, this one did come close to Camp Drewe, where children were evacuated, and, if things had gone differently, could have reached the back yards of the north west corner of town. Some residents spent a nervous night on Sunday, waiting to see if they would be told to evacuate. Luckily they remained in their homes as the danger passed.

Help out if you can

Climate change science and meteorological forecasts tell us that this will not be the last time we experience fire. It seems inconceivable, but our usually lush tropical landscape is too dry. So what can we do?


Go to the Lennox Head Rural Fire Service Facebook page and find out more.

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