Lake Ainsworth Dog Free Zone

Lake Ainsworth is an important recreational area for locals and visitors and is situated in a sensitive ecological location. For this reason, dogs are banned from swimming in the Lake. Council has recently received complaints regarding the number of dogs swimming in the Lake.

To respond to these community concerns, Rangers will be increasing patrols in and around the Lake Ainsworth area. If a dog is found to be on the Lake side of the bollards, the owner or person in charge of the dog may be issued a $330 penalty infringement notice.

Council Rangers have recently hosted information sessions at the Lake to encourage awareness on the regulations in the area. Council and the Rangers would like everyone visiting the Lake to enjoy its natural beauty, so please remember to do the right thing. Please refer to the adjacent map on where dogs are banned in the Lake Ainsworth vicinity.

There are plenty of Off-Leash dog exercise areas:

• Bicentennial Gardens (Northern Area of the Reserve), Ballina

• Compton Drive, East Ballina

• Gap Road, Alstonville

• Seven Mile Beach, North of Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head (Old 4WD Access)

• Ballina Heights Estate (Eastern Reserve Area), Ballina Heights

• Headlands Drive Drainage Reserve, Skennars Head

• The Spit, Ballina.

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