Northern Rivers Animal Services

Northern Rivers Animal Services (NRAS) is looking for volunteers to assist in its Ballina office.

The office operates weekdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm and experience in WORD & EXCEL would be highly regarded.

Please contact the office to obtain a Volunteer Application form by calling:  6681 1860 or email:

Call for Leniency for Companion Animals in Rentals

Many people aren’t aware that the majority of cat and dog surrenders in the Northern Rivers and other areas are due to companion animals (specifically dogs and cats) not being allowed to live in rental properties.

NRAS is calling on landlords and real estate agents to rethink policies with regard to companion animals. Current ‘No Pet’s policies are causing thousands of animals to be surrendered each year to organisations like NRAS. This causes great distress to owners and animals, some of whom have been together for many years.

Simple changes to procedures and policies, such as flea treatments and mandatory carpet cleaning could be introduced in place of the ‘no pet’ policies. This would reduce the burden on many animal shelters.

If you think this sounds like a good idea, let your local real estate agent know. And if you are a property owner, consider this for your next tenant.


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