Southern Cross K-12, Oct 16

Eco-Team News

Southern Cross School K-12 S has been awarded the Eco-Schools Bronze Award, the first step in their quest to become an internationally accredited Green Flag School. The assessors commented that the school was selected to receive the Eco-Schools Bronze Award due to their excellent integration of an action plan aimed at managing waste better.

This involved composting and improving awareness, including having nude food days which aim to reduce the use of excess food packaging. Ballina Shire Council was included for guidance and assisted the school in the process of acquiring composting bins. They connected with North East Waste (NE Waste), and successfully acquired a Coles Junior Landcare Grant which funded most of their projects this year. Southern Cross School K-12 has also developed an impressive Eco-Code for their students:

– Establish models of best practice to manage water, waste, energy and biodiversity that can be shared with other schools and used to plan for the new super school in Ballina

– A whole school approach to sustainability, where all KLA’s embed it in their programs, where everyone takes responsibility to improve sustainability

– A canteen that sells healthy, unpackaged foods

– Link with local community groups to build eco-partnerships that integrate with relevant learning experiences.

The Eco-Team are delighted with their success.

Biala Sports Day

Our K-12 Support Centres participated in a Special Olympics Day at Biala Special School and Ballina High School oval.  Students had a fun filled day of table tennis, touch football, soccer, cricket, hurdles, running skills, egg and spoon race, parachute game and ring toss. Lunch was supplied with a BBQ and salad. The day finished with a game of water bomb throwing where many children had excellent aim, so look out teachers!

Congratulations to all the students who entered and received a medal for the day. A big thanks goes to Biala for organising the event.

Olympathon Update

Congratulations to everyone for participating in our Olympathon. The K-6 SRC raised just over $2000!  Thank you for all of your support. The SRC would like to especially thank Tyler Riches, Chloe Pratt, Nina Aboitiz, Coopa Donnelly, Miah Gibson and Marley Jacobsen, pictured below.

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