Lennox Head Public School, Sept 16


Once upon a time……..

On the 10 August Lennox Head Public School held their book parade! Children dressed up as their favourite book characters and marched around the school to the top songs of this year! There were fairies, angels, sports stars, pirates, Queen of Hearts, Harry Potter and Hermione and lots more exciting costumes.

Later in the day we went into our peer groups and searched the school for clues and answered questions about books. We even had to search for Pokemon!

We had lots of fun! Well done to all the students for their fantastic participation and wonderful dressing up ideas.

Now everyone pick up a book and start reading!! Let your imagination go wild!

By Indiya Ledingham

Coastal Kids and Creative Arts

La, La, La, La, La!!!

Ballina, Lennox, Southern, Teven, Alstonville, and Byron Public schools attended the Coastal Kids Concert at the Ballina R.S.L Club. Beautiful music could be heard streaming from the Auditorium as the junior choirs from various schools sang songs and the Senior Band members performed musical pieces and entertained the audience. Dance groups also performed original choreography to musical pieces. All the performers did an amazing job representing their school.

Special thanks to Mark Whitney and Fiona Clark for contributing and organising the Coastal Kids Concert for these last sixteen years.

Congratulations to the students selected to attend the Creative Arts Camp. Children from schools all around the area are selected to attend. This is a great achievement and highlights the many different talents that our school develop and nurture including music, dance, drama, art and culture through public speaking and performances.

By India Ledingham

Byron Bay Writers’ Festival

Anna Feinberg, Pete Carnavas and Damon Young were the guest speakers at the Writers’ Festival held at the Byron Cavanbah Sports Centre. Fifty five students from Lennox Head Public School travelled by bus to see the famous authors and illustrator.

The students listened to the presenters talk about their books and what inspired them to be authors and an illustrator. The students did sketching with the illustrator Pete Carnavas. The presenters gave the students a chance to ask questions and get their books signed. All students came back happy and shared their experiences with all their friends and family.

By Kate Reka and Zoe Gaskell

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