Too Close To Call

We had hoped to bring you some final council election results today, but no official announcement has yet been made.

What we can say is this: our 3 incumbent Councillors, Sharon Cadwallader, Jeff Johnson, and Keith Williams have all been returned. Congratulations to them all.

On first preference count, Mayor David Wright looks a strong possibility for keeping his Mayoral position, but this is by no means certain. Once preferences are distributed, Sharon Cadwallader and Jeff Johnson are in with a chance. If one of these B Ward Councillors does happen to get over the line for Mayor, then Greens B Ward candidate Nathan Cooper will be elected as a B Ward Councillor. This would mean that we have 4 elected representatives for B Ward. And having 4 Councillors going into bat for B Ward could be a good thing!

We will keep you posted on Facebook. If you would like to follow the progress of counting go to the NSW Election Commission site here.

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