Meet The Candidates

With the local Council elections set for Saturday 10 September 2016, Lennox Head residents are invited to meet all Mayoral and B Ward Candidates, hear their proposals and promises and ask how you will be affected in the next four years.

The event will take place at the Lennox Head Community Centre auditorium, Monday, 5 September 2016 from 7pm

In attendance: Mayoral candidates: Councillors *Sharon Cadwallader, *Jeff Johnson, *Keith Williams and Ben Smith, Mayor David Wright, Messrs Phil Meeham and Ray Karam, plus new B Ward candidate, Nathan Cooper  (*sitting B Ward candidates)


Each B Ward candidate will have the opportunity to speak for five minutes followed by 15 minutes of question time from the floor. Mayoral candidates will then present for five minutes each with 25 minutes question time. Candidates have been invited to provide their email addresses so further questions can be addressed directly to them.

Hosted by the Lennox Head Residents’ Association Inc

Voting in Council elections is compulsory.

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