Opportunity To Invest In Renewables

Enova Community Energy Ltd has been awarded awarded a licence by the Australian Energy Regulator, and will continue its capital raising to establish Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailing and installation business based in the Northern Rivers. The company will buy and sell energy, aiming to provide the state’s highest net feed-in tariffs and lowest 100% Green Power prices.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for electricity users to own their very own energy retailer,” says Enova’s CEO Steve Harris. “As shareholders they will reap benefit from high feed-in tariffs, market leading renewable energy GreenPower products and supporting local renewable energy generation. Because it is local, Enova will be able to focus completely on its local customers, providing a personal level of service unique in the energy supply sector.” Enova also plans to help people cut their energy usage and switch to GreenPower, tackling climate change head-on.

For the past few months the Enova team has been capital raising in the area, offering a ground breaking opportunity to local investors to participate in something that is already happening in other countries, and which they say could be a game changer for the energy industry.

Lennox Head Information Night

If you are interested in the Enova business, they will be presenting their case to potential shareholders at a meeting at Club Lennox on November 10 from 5.30 pm. Everyone is welcome. Shares are $1000 each. Download a prospectus and apply for shares at www.enovaenergy.com.au

Enova’s vision for a renewable energy future:

To be a successful community owned renewable energy retail company that will assist the Northern Rivers community to shift from a fossil fuel economy to one in which we progressively:

• reduce our carbon footprint

• produce locally the energy that we consume

• accelerate the move to a more energy efficient system, implementing new technologies as they become available

• provide benefit to all socio-economic groups

• deliver excellent customer service

• create employment in the community.

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